Welcome to
Freelance Design of Maryland LLC

  • We provide an excellent option for preparing plans and presentation materials to design, build and sell your outdoor living projects

    Our clients include:

    • Architects, landscape architects, landscape designers and interior designers
    • Design/build professionals involved with outdoor living spaces, swimming pools, custom carpentry, masonry and home remodeling projects

    "We are in the business of helping your business"

  • Tired of doing it all?

    Let our award winning design team help you with your plans and presentation materials so you can:

    • Reduce your design time to put more time on your side for sales and nurturing client satisfaction to grow your business
    • Increase your design capacity to meet overflow, create dramatic sales presentations and detailed construction plans
    • Manage design costs while increasing sales by working with a senior level designer on an as-needed basis, for help when you need it, and no overhead when you don't