Freelance Design will prepare site and master plans on a contract basis or hourly rate:

  • Site plans

    Site plans focus on a particular area of a property. Typically site plans are front entry or outdoor living areas

  • Master plans

    Master plans encompass an entire property from 1/4 acre to several acres

  • Planting plans

    Planting plans include a compiled plant list in an Excel spreadsheet

  • Construction plans…………………………………… hourly rate only

    Construction plans include: grading, drainage, layout, sleeving/utility and permit/HOA approval plans. Construction details are also available.

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Presentation Materials:

Freelance Design creates presentation materials on an hourly rate:

  • Rendered plans

    Rendered plans are enhanced versions of your landscape plan with a layer of color and texture, which magnifies the 2D layout. We develop the rendered plans  using Photoshop.

  • 3D images and flythrough videos

    3D images and videos  reveal the spatial qualities of critical spaces of your design. They help clients visualize your design intent. We develop the models using SketchUp and animation software.

  • Design sheets

    Design sheets are photo collections of material options, design elements and representative imagery, which illustrate the hardscape details of your design.

  • Plant sheets

    Plant sheets are photo collections of plant images, plant combinations and blooming sequences, which display planting details of your design.

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